Chronicles of Taborea

Chronicles Thus Far...

Captain Thoradin, recently disgraced Runehammer Navy ship’s captain, was approached by an emissary of Mentor to put together a team of adventurers for a special mission. He recruited Conan, Valim, and Manik. The team was also joined by Mentor’s assistant Rhogar.

After a series of training missions the team was captured by the enraged orc leader Grak, and barely escaped from his lair.

Rhogar split off from the team to inform Mentor of their whereabouts and activities.

Before managing to return to Varanas the team discovered the existence of a bandit king named Lamuud. Redlan joined the team at this point. The team tried to hunt down and end this menace to the country but were instead defeated, Thoradin being forced to swear fealty to the would be “king” for a year in exchange for his companions lives.

The team spent the next several months serving as Lamuud’s agents. They encountered Maleec in one quest who was separated from the party and is presumed dead.

The team must finish their service to the king and still find a way to end his tyranny over the area.



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