Chronicles of Taborea

Into the Twilight Mine

Following the instructions found on the body of Maleec, the party found it’s way to the entrance to a forgotten temple, where the note and map said they would find a way into an abandoned mine leading to the other side of the mountains.

Redlan and Valim have temporarily left the party,and they were joined instead by the cleric Avalon and a wizard by the name of Ghesh.

Entering the temple the found that troglodytes had entered the area and were converting the decrepit temple to their own needs. A Curse Chanter and several Maulers attacked the party immediately. After engaging the party the Chanter ran upstairs, and Thor, undecided if it was trying to run away or assist from above, gave chase and threw the Chanter to the floor below where Conan and the cleric Avalon waited.

Having dispatched the Trogs, the group set about finding the entrance to the mine. In an upstairs room they discovered a locked chest, which held inside it the ruins of a journal written in code. They have taken it with them for further study.

Soon after Thoradin found a note on a bookshelf describing the secret entrance to the mine, and the group entered it. At the other end of a brief tunnel they discovered their route was hidden from the other side by a waterfall cascading down, but it also obstructed their view of the other side. Charging through the waterfall they found a group of troglodytes led by a trio of Drow.

Crying their battle cries they waded into their midst, and shortly after the last drow fell. They are now in the depths of the mine, which direction will lead them to the surface, and to Lamuud?



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