Chronicles of Taborea

Lamuud's Birthright

Saving Rhogar

You have been serving Lamuud for months. You have managed to avoid hurting any innocents during this term, despite several “tax collecting” missions. He has given you free reign within his camps, but there is always someone with any of you when leaving the grounds. Every couple of weeks he changes locations at random. Currently his location is abutting the mountainous ranges to the west, on a broad plain only reachable by a shallow ford that is closely watched a few miles to the south. The rest of the river is unpassable due to the strength of the current and the many dangerous rapids. During some of his mad rambling Lamuud has revealed that he is looking for something, what he calls his birthright. He believes this thing will restore him to his “rightful” place as King of Silverspring and Varanas.
Thor has been called before him. He has ignored the group for the past few weeks, and the reason for this summons is unknown. As you approach his tent he is standing out in front of it, conversing with his lackeys. They all wear dark cloaks pinned with a strange symbol of a two-headed snake breaking a circle into two halves, one black one white. With the time you’ve had to observe the comings and going within the encampment your insight has told you that these men are feeding Lamuud‘s madness, perhaps for some other purpose.
As you approach he eyes you dully, a brief moment of recognition and he smiles broadly. “You will have the chance to redeem yourselves! The thing that I seek…”
He is interrupted by by the whoops and yelling coming from the direction of the river. A party comes into view, three of Lamuud’s slavers leading a chained dragonborn prisoner and a pair of gnomes trailing behind. The prisoner is a mass of cuts and bruises, and he is so weak the slavers are nearly dragging him along. Pulling up in front of Lamuud‘s tent one of the slavers shoves the prisoner to his knees in front of the bandit lord. The slave r then reaches under his chin and jerks his head up. You recognize him as Mentor’s assistant, Rhogar. “This paladin tried to cross the river into your lands m’lord, then attacked several of your dutiful servants collecting tolls. Several of your men are dead at his hands lord.”
Lamuud looks down at the kneeling Rhogar. “Kill him.” You must save the paladin’s life!

The team was unsuccessful in negotiating for the paladin’s life, but they were able to save him after being ordered by Lamuud to personally kill him. Rhogar informed them about what was really happening in Lamuud’s campaign, his camp had been infiltrated by the Cult of Zhuridon, and that the “birthright” he was seeking was actually a portal the Zhuridon believe will allow them to gain power.
Lamuud sent the team on a mission to recover it, they must find a way to destroy it!

Into the mountains, and the underground cavern

“You will be given a chance to redeem yourselves and prove your devotion to the King. I have sent servants up the river to find an ancient temple that holds my birthright. You will follow them and assist them in their task. Do not fail me.”

The team successfully managed to navigate the torrid waters of the mountain river, and found themselves in an underground cavern featuring a huge underground lake and a path leading up into the cavern heights. The followed the path up, encountering various cult ruins and cult members sent to hinder their progress. Gnomes, owlbears, and even necrotic traps were defeated on their journey up.

Temple of Tombs

_“The path continues to lead upward, still circling the underground lake below. Looming ahead at the end of the path is a large structure that rises up into the roof of the cavern itself. The whole place glows faintly with surreal light. As you near what is obviously the temple, features that should have become clearer seem only to blur and warp even more. As your eye moves from one feature to the next and back again it’s not the same. Your mind rebels at the impossibility of the place, you can’t pin it down! How will you navigate a temple that is always changing? As you close in on the temple a terrible shrieking fills the air, and the very earth seems to tremble. Something is going on in that place. Could the Zhuridon have found the portal they were looking for?” _

The team is currently navigating the Temple, what will they find when they reach it’s summit?



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