Chronicles of Taborea

The Portal in the Temple of Tombs

“You will not prevent us from reaching our destiny! The portal opens! Servants! Attack the interlopers! I will speed the portals opening and Zhur will surely send us aid!”

Four of our group made it to the final chamber of the Temple of Tombs, Captain Thoradin, Conan, Valim, and Manik even managed to rejoin them there. The four of them entered the room where the Deathpriest of Zhur was busy trying to open a large portal in the center of the room with a pair of Battle Wights and a pair of Crimson Acolytes by his side. The battle was joined immediately.

Manik led the charge, moving to attack the Deathpriest right away. Captain Thoradin realized right away that the priest needed to be distracted from his attempt, so Captain Thoradin’s voiced boomed out over the din, promising the impending death of the priest. Manik and Conan made good on that threat, with Manik dealing a devastating blow and Conan following up with the final grievance.

The Wights worked effectively as a team, one immobilizing while the other took advantage to heal themselves. The Acolytes were less so, but still as determined to bring the fight to the team. With the Priest down the team focused on bringing the wights and acolytes down with him. When the last Wight fell slain the team breathed a sigh of relief.

They should have been more concerned about the still opening portal.

“I die, yet have achieved my goal. Behold! Zhur’s minion answers my call! ,the Priest cried weakly with his last breath. And indeed he was correct, a hideous and large spider crawled through the portal into the room. Captain Thoradin, Conan, and Manik all moved to intercept the spider while Valim focused his efforts on effecting a way of closing the portal. Conan and Manik approached the beast directly, while Captain Thoradin flanked from the rear and charged, knocking the spider off it’s feat.

While working on the portal a swarm of spiders appeared and attacked Valim, forcing his retreat to focus on the task at hand. Valim eventually disturbed the portal enough to close it, and was able to defend himself from the swarm. Conan and the rest, after dispatching the larger spider, came to his assistance.

Looking around the group realized that the magical aspect of the Temple was no longer effective, revealing the decrepit condition of the place. They also found a [[Duelist Bow +3]] and 4k gold among the corpses. There was also a rumbling from the building, it was time to get out.



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