Chronicles of Taborea

Vile Maleec

Leaving the Temple of Tombs, the group began their journey back to Lamuud’s camp. Talk in the group centered on confronting the Bandit King over what they had found and prevented back in the Temple. Conan was particularly adamant about ending the threat posed by the would-be king.

Along the way they encountered a warlock, Mari, who joined them as they returned to Silverspring.

Crossing a small wooden bridge over a creek they were ambushed by a pair of bandits, and Maleec accompanied by some spectral panthers. The bandits approached from the front, while Maleec and the panthers assaulted them from the rear, pinning the group, for the most part, along or near the bridge.

The quickly recovered from the attack and dispatched ambushing squad, ending Maleec’s threat forever. A quick search of his body revealed why he had made the attempt on their lives. There was a note, signed by Lamuud that read:

my most trusted servant. The infidel dwarf and his companions do not yet know you still live. The time has come to eliminate them. They are not loyal the the Zhuridon. Find them, eliminate them.

Your service will be rewarded,
Lamuud, King of Silverpring_

Lamuud, having ordered their death, has freed Captain Thoradin from his obligation to the mad lord. Their final confrontation is imminent.



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