Captain Thoradin


HP: 77, Spd: 5, AC: 23

STR: 17
CON: 20
DEX: 10
INT: 09
WIS: 16
CHA: 10

Fort: 21, Ref: 14, Will: 17

Dwarven Chainmail


From: Bloodstone Hold (underground fortress) in the mountain ranges near Obsidian Stronghold.

Thoradin is a former Runehammer Navy Captain who lost his crew in an accident. The dwarven council ruled in his favor regarding the incident, but Thoradin felt so shamed by it he resigned his captaincy and went to Obsidian Stronghold to search for other opportunities. Now adventuring away from the subterrainian chambers which he grew up in Thoradin lends his powerful body, ample skill, tactical mind, and mighty hammer to the efforts of the wizard Mentor. At Mentor’s request he has assembled a team to combat evil in the name of the Eye of Wisdom.

Gruff, stubborn, short tempered, resolute, and ornery are the words used most often to describe this dwarf. Those who take the time to get to know him find that he’s a fun loving good natured individual housed deep within a hardened exterior of responsibility and determination. Thoradin prefers action to words, talking a good talk means nothing if you can’t back it up. This desire for action leads to Thoradin throwing himself headlong into combat, this tactic is used for more than just the thrill of combat. Thoradin throws himself so readily into battle to ensure he is the primary target of his foes, decreasing the danger to his teammates and allowing him to put to use the stone hard body with which his dwarven heritage has granted him. Insults and bragging litter the battle field as Thoradin fights, taunting his foes and driving his compatriots onward. “Who wants dwarf meat?!”

Thoradin and Conan met in a bar fight years before, through blood and combat they became close friends. Responsiblities on both their sides kept them from adventuring together for years, but they continued to meet up and start a little trouble every couple of months. It was no surprise to any who them that Conan was the first person recruited for Mentor’s team by Thor. Their past battles and friendship made Conan the obvious choice, and their tried and true battle tactics meant they could take on any challenges. While Thoradin brings a rock hard skin, polished tactics, and a strong will to do good to the group, he is also plagued by his shortness, lack of speed, and is at best a decent combatant in terms of accuracy, Conan is the opposite side of the coin. Bristling with power, fast, tall, and able to draw upon a never ending supply of blood lust, Conan makes a very good opposite for Thoradin. This is only cemented further when it is realized that Conan virtually refueses to think and will begin swinging at anyone around him who looks at him wrong if Thoradin doesn’t step in to cool things down.

Captain Thoradin

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