Howling Mountains

The Howling mountains region is nestled in a valley south of Silverspring.

Notable places of the region:
Windmill Basement
Barren Caves
Dead Tree Cave
Pioneer’s Colony

The word “howling” in Howling Mountains does not refer to a murky landscape. Once, this region was a meeting place of lower demons. The Barrow especially was a venue for the wild hordes.

On certain nights, the demons performed bizarre sacrificial rituals in the Barrow’s monumental stone formation. The screams from the sacrifices echoed throughout the region, and the area was later called the Howling Mountains. Some years ago, the Ruling Council of Varanas and the Eye of Wisdom cleansed the Howling Mountains with great armies of men and mages.

When the first humans settled there, the howling had silenced. Since then, travelers and adventures see the Howling Mountains as an open and unthreatening pasture. Nonetheless, the surrounding mountains and spiky stone formations can instill a slight feeling of eeriness.
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Howling Mountains

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