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Our campaign is set in the land of Taborea, a world created for the Runes of Magic MMO. The characters and settings are loosely based on that setting. Red links are areas as yet unvisited in the campaign.

Character Xp levels

Character Level Xp earned Gold
Thoradin LVL 10 21725 8815
Conan LVL 10 21725 8815
Valim LVL 10 20500 8000
Redlan LVL 10 20500 8000
Avalon LVL 10 21725 8815
Ghesh LVL 10 21725 8815


Howling Mountains



Eye of Wisdom

Cult of Zhuridon

Lamuud’s Bandit Regiment

Runehammer Navy

Order of Dark Glory

Main Page

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