Level 8, Half-Elf Paladin


HP: 69 / Spd: 5 / AC: 26

STR: 12
CON: 12
DEX: 10
INT: 08
WIS: 15
CHA: 22

Fort: 16 / Ref: 17 / Will: 21

Martyr’s Plate Armor +2
Reproachful Longsword +2
Symbol of Gajz +2
Duelist Bow +3

Redlan is obviously half-elf, at first glance his namesake red hair color gives away the fact that his heritage isn’t completely elven. and likewise, his pointed ears take away from the visage that might otherwise pass as fully human.

His eyes and skin tone are elven in nature, a gift from his mother. His build and height a gift from his human father.


Growing up in the forests, isolated from society should have bothered Redlan, should have given him some sort of premonition of the events to come, but at six years old he had no clue. He played alone amongst the trees, pretending to adventure, often reenacting the stories his father shared of his times away from the family when he returned home from long quests. He longed to fight the Black Dragons and the Wraiths his father spoke of in detail, to save the day with a sword or even barely dodge blows, blocked with a shield, last moment. Those tales often widened his mothers eyes, the possible loss written in her orbs, and she feared that her son would follow in her Human husbands footsteps. She was brave and put on a good face, often laughing when Red would play fight with the trees, scaring off nearby animals.

Everything changed one day, on a day much like any other. His father had returned from a new adventure, and over breakfast had shared tales of the battles, and retired for a rest. Redlan stole away into the forest, snatching his father’s shield to play while the images of the fight were fresh in his mind. Darkness had started to fall before he knew how much time had passed, or even how far he was from his home. He remembered being hungry around lunch time and thinking about setting back, but then his mind was a blank. He started to head home and smelled the scent of fire, of burning wood and leaves and flesh and hair.

The night wasn’t alone in the sky creating darkness, it was smoke. Redlan ran as fast as his legs would take him, and it seemed like the further he went the further he still had to go. He made it home in time to see the roof of the cottage collapse sending cinders into the forest canopy and further into the night sky.

A few days later, he learned, among other things, that the fire was not accidental, and that he would be going to live with his mother’s family in the nearby Varanas. He accepted that his hair would be hidden under hats and wraps, and later shaved, he found an old friend of his mother’s who became close to family and continued his teachings of and service to Melora. He read and learned the delicate arts of diplomacy by watching the leaders interact with other races and factions. And above all else, he trained to hone his skill with sword and shield, because even though it was against some of his teachings, he swore to himself that he would find his parents killers and return the favor.

Redlan loved his Elven heritage, and his mothers family for raising him, and teaching him, but he became slowly resentful of the way they spoke of his human half and of his father. He stopped shaving his facial hair, let it adorn his upper lip and grow down his chin and neck. His hair grew and he experimented with styles before settling on an odd strip down the center of his shorn scalp. He was rebuked by the elders, and at the age of 29, he freed himself of them and set off to explore the world, in search of his father’s murders and others like himself.

Redlan first explored the forests he once considered home, and found the forest thinner than he remembered, and more civilized. Farms were scattered amongst the trees and at one such farm he found himself in the middle of a bandit raid. Adding his assistance, the group dispatched the bandits and he quickly decided that this group was his destiny. He quietly assimilated into the group, making friends under the service of Captain Thoradin. He learned of their quest for Mentor, survived death and servitude to Lamuud.

With the help of his adventuring group; Captain Thoradin, the elf-hating Conan, and the fully elven Valim (among others), Redlan further honed his Paladin skills. Healing wounds and slashing enemies, his training had to be altered, and while still growing strong, he has never felt more alive.


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